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Beskrivelse: -- Definition -- schema for additional basic types used by multiple themes -- Description -- NOTE The additional types specified with Annex II/III data specifications are placed in a separate schema to maintain backwards compatibility.


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Contact datatype

-- Name -- contact -- Definition -- Communication channels by which it is possible to gain access to someone or something. -- Description --

OfficialJournalInformation datatype

-- Name -- official journal information -- Definition -- Full citation of the location of the legislative instrument within the official journal.

RelatedParty datatype

-- Name -- related party -- Definition -- An organisation or a person with a role related to a resource. -- Description -- NOTE 1 A party, typically an individual person, acting as a general point of contact for a resource can be specified without providing any particular role.

ThematicIdentifier datatype

-- Name -- thematic identifier -- Definition -- Thematic identifier to uniquely identify the spatial object. -- Description -- Some spatial objects may be assigned multiple unique identifiers. These may have been established to meet data exchange requirements of different reporting obligations at International, European or national levels and/or internal data maintenance requirements.

GenderValue kodeliste

-- Name -- gender -- Definition -- Gender of a person or group of persons.

ApplicationSchemaValue kodeliste

-- Name -- application schema -- Definition -- application schema specified in an INSPIRE data specification -- Description -- SOURCE [INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model] NOTE This list is not necessarily synchronised with the latest UML model. The current list is based on the model in April 2010 (revision 937), i.e. after alignment with the Implementing Rule from the Annex I process. The code list will be extended to cover Annex II/III, too.

ThemeValue kodeliste

-- Name -- spatial data theme -- Definition -- grouping of spatial data according to Annex I, II and III of the INSPIRE Directive -- Description -- SOURCE [INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model]

CFStandardNamesValue kodeliste

-- Name -- Climate and Forecast Standard Names -- Definition -- Definitions of phenomena observed in meteorology and oceanography.

PartyRoleValue kodeliste

-- Name -- party role -- Definition -- Roles of parties related to or responsible for a resource.

RelatedPartyRoleValue kodeliste

-- Name -- role of a related party -- Definition -- Classification of related party roles.

CountryCode kodeliste

-- Name -- country code -- Definition -- Country code as defined in the Interinstitutional style guide published by the Publications Office of the European Union.

LegislationLevelValue kodeliste

-- Name -- legislation level -- Definition -- The level at which a legal act or convention has been adopted.


-- Name -- document citation -- Definition -- Citation for the purposes of unambiguously referencing a document.


-- Name -- legislation citation -- Definition -- Citation for the purposes of unambiguously referencing a legal act or a specific part of a legal act.