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An anchorage is a location at sea where ships can lower anchors. Anchorages are where anchors are lowered and utilized, whereas moorings usually are tethering to buoys or something similar. The locations usually have conditions for safe anchorage in protection from weather conditions, and other hazards. The purpose of resting a ship at sea securely can be for waiting to enter ports, as well as taking on cargo or passengers where insufficient port facilities exist. Area limits indicate where cables and fish farm anchorages and other installations / other use should not be accepted in conflict with , and is used in NCA's work on plan and integrated coastal zone
Egenskap Stereotype Beskrivelse Type Multiplisitet
anchorage1UUID Unique ID always giving reference to the last version of an Anchorage. Changes in the objects under (AnchorageArea and AnchoragePint shall not cause update on this unique id for 'Anchorage'. uuid 1..1
anchorageId ID of anchorage. First number refers to Pilotage Department. Integer 1..1
anchorageName Name of Anchorage CharacterString 1..1
anchorageName_N Norwegian spelling of anchorageName. CharacterString 1..1
area GM_Surface 1..1
contactPoint contact point ContactPoints 0..1
fullName Name of anchorage written in full for better understanding CharacterString 0..1
mainPortFacilities CharacterString 0..1
naturalConditions Natural conditions relevant for all anchorage areas and anchorage points for this anchorage. NaturalConditions 0..1
planClassification PlanClassification 1..1
planMainMunicipality municipality where the main part of the anchorage is situated CharacterString 1..1
planOtherInformation CharacterString 0..1
planStatus CharacterString 1..1
relevantProcedures Textual information to navigators on relevant procedures. CharacterString 0..1
reportingName Name used in ship reporting (SSN Norway). CharacterString 0..1
seasonalLimitations Local regulations limiting the use of the anchorage including all its anchorage areas and anchorage points, with reference to season of year. CharacterString 0..1
shipLimitations Local regulations limiting the use of the anchorage including all its anchorage areas and anchorage points, with reference to ship dimensions. ShipLimitations 0..1
UNLOCODE UN/LOCODE fra UNECE, used in ship reporting (SSN Norway) see CharacterString 0..1
updatedDate This date is used to assure the last version is stored on clients utilizing an API. DateTime 1..1
urlDocuments PDF files that are sketches of how anchoring has been done. May contain statistics from the Coastal Data House etc. CharacterString 0..1
urlFactsheet URL: reference to factsheet CharacterString 0..1
useOfAnchorage Textual information to navigators on use of the anchorage CharacterString 0..1
weatherRestrictions Local regulations limiting the use of the anchorage including all its anchorage areas and anchorage points, with reference to weather. WeatherRestrictions 0..1
Navn Type Lengde Multiplisitet
uuid 1..1
ANCHORAGEID Integer 1..1
CharacterString 1..1
CharacterString 1..1
Flate GM_Surface 1..1
CONTACTPOINT ContactPoints 0..1
CharacterString 0..1
NATURALLIMITATIONS NaturalConditions 0..1
PlanClassification 1..1
CharacterString 1..1
CharacterString 0..1
CharacterString 1..1
REPORTINGNAME CharacterString 0..1
CharacterString 0..1
CharacterString 0..1
PDFFILE CharacterString 0..1
USEOFANCHORAGE CharacterString 0..1
WEATHERRESTRICTIONS WeatherRestrictions 0..1
Name Type English Description
anchorage1UUID uuid
anchorageId Integer
anchorageName CharacterString
anchorageName_N CharacterString
area GM_Surface extent area over which an object extends
contactPoint ContactPoints
fullName CharacterString
mainPortFacilities CharacterString
naturalConditions NaturalConditions
planClassification PlanClassification
planMainMunicipality CharacterString
planOtherInformation CharacterString
planStatus CharacterString
relevantProcedures CharacterString
reportingName CharacterString
seasonalLimitations CharacterString
shipLimitations ShipLimitations
UNLOCODE CharacterString
updatedDate DateTime
urlDocuments CharacterString
urlFactsheet CharacterString
useOfAnchorage CharacterString
weatherRestrictions WeatherRestrictions

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Id Navn Type Multiplisitet
uuid 1 ..1
Integer 1 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1
GM_Surface 1 ..1
ContactPoints 0 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
NaturalConditions 0 ..1
PlanClassification 1 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
ShipLimitations 0 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
DateTime 1 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
CharacterString 0 ..1
WeatherRestrictions 0 ..1
Assosiasjonstype Navn Kilde Destinasjon
assosiasjon anchorage Anchorage 1 anchoragearea AnchorageArea 0..*
assosiasjon anchorage Anchorage 1 anchoragepoint AnchoragePoint 0..*