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arbitrary-length sequence of characters, including accents and special characters from the repertoire of one of the adopted character sets: . ISO/IEC 10646: Universal Multi-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS), and . ISO 8859. Merknad: The maximum length of a CharacterString is dependent on encapsulation and usage. A language tag may be provided for identification of the language of string values. For an implementation mapping of a CharacterString, the handling of the following four aspects needs to be decided: 1) Representation of value, 2) Representation of character set, 3) Representation of encoding, and 4) Representation of language. This can be handled for instance by choosing ISO/IEC 10646.
Egenskap Stereotype Beskrivelse Type Multiplisitet
Navn Type Lengde Multiplisitet
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Id Navn Type Multiplisitet
Assosiasjonstype Navn Kilde Destinasjon
arv subtype Geodataeier supertype CharacterString
arv subtype Link supertype CharacterString
arv subtype Navn supertype CharacterString
arv subtype Geodataprodusent supertype CharacterString
arv subtype Kontaktperson supertype CharacterString