Base Types

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Beskrivelse: -- Definition -- schema for basic types used by multiple themes


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SpatialDataSet objekttype

-- Definition -- Identifiable collection of spatial data. -- Description -- NOTE The type SpatialDataSet is offered as a pre-defined type for spatial data sets. The scope of this type is packaging pre-defined data sets for the non-direct access download service. It may be reused in thematic application schemas, but if it does not fit an application-schema-specific data set object should be modelled. This type may have the same name and definition like this type, but may have a different set of properties. This type specifies three properties: an external object identifier, a container for metadata (may be void), and an association to zero or more spatial objects.

Identifier datatype

-- Definition -- External unique object identifier published by the responsible body, which may be used by external applications to reference the spatial object. -- Description -- NOTE1 External object identifiers are distinct from thematic object identifiers. NOTE 2 The voidable version identifier attribute is not part of the unique identifier of a spatial object and may be used to distinguish two versions of the same spatial object. NOTE 3 The unique identifier will not change during the life-time of a spatial object.

ConditionOfFacilityValue kodeliste

-- Definition -- The status of a facility with regards to its completion and use.

VoidReasonValue kodeliste

-- Definition -- Reasons for void values. -- Description -- NOTE 1 INSPIRE application schemas may propose extensions to this code list, if required. NOTE 2 It is expected that additional reasons will be identified in the future, in particular to support reasons / special values in coverage ranges.

VerticalPositionValue enumeration

-- Definition -- The relative vertical position of a spatial object.