Norsk institutt for naturforskning Gyldig

Egenskap Stereotype Beskrivelse Type Multiplisitet
locality CharacterString 1..1
locationNumber Integer 1..1
municipality Name of municipalities according to official list from Statistics Norway. CharacterString 1..1
municipalityNumber Numbering of municipalities according to official list from Statistics Norway. CharacterString 1..1
position Location where the object exists. Punkt 1..1
identification Unique identification of an object. Identification (datatype) 1..1
- localId Local identificator, unique within it's namespace - no other objects share the same identificator. CharacterString 1..1
- namespace Namespace uniquely identifying the data source of the object. CharacterString 1..1
- versionId Identification of a certain version of a geographically referenced object. Maximum length is 25 characters. This is in line with ISO 8601. Example: 2007-02-12T12:12:12+05:30. CharacterString 1..1
dataCaptureDate date when the object was registered/observed/measured in the terrain/environment Date 0..1
origin Origin of the data set. CharacterString 0..1
updatedDate Date and time at which this version of the spatial object was inserted or changed in the spatial data set. DateTime 0..1
productionDate Date for the production of the actual data files. DateTime 0..1
Navn Type Lengde Multiplisitet
IDENTIFICATION Identification (datatype) 1..1
- LOCAL_ID CharacterString 100 1..1
- NAMESPACE CharacterString 100 1..1
- VERSION_ID CharacterString 100 1..1
ORIGIN CharacterString 255 0..1
UPDATED_DATE DateTime 0..1
LOCALITY CharacterString 300 1..1
LOCATION_NUMBER Integer 4 1..1
MUNICIPALITY CharacterString 50 1..1
MUNICIPALITY_NUMBER CharacterString 4 1..1
Punkt Punkt 1..1
Name Type English Description
identification Identification (datatype)
- localId CharacterString localId
- namespace CharacterString namespace
- versionId CharacterString versionId
dataCaptureDate Date
origin CharacterString
updatedDate DateTime
productionDate DateTime
locality CharacterString lokalitet
locationNumber Integer lokalitetsnummer
municipality CharacterString kommune
municipalityNumber CharacterString kommunenummer
position Punkt position

Vis LocationProperties i NVDB Datakatalog

Id Navn Type Multiplisitet
CharacterString 1 ..1
Integer 1 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1
Punkt 1 ..1
Assosiasjonstype Navn Kilde Destinasjon
arv subtype LocationProperties supertype GeneralProperties
arv subtype BirdSpeciesProperties supertype LocationProperties