Identification Identification IDENTIFICATION


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Unique identificator of an object that can be used by external applications as a reference to the object. The identificator is managed by the responsible producer/administrator of the data-set.
Egenskap Stereotype Beskrivelse Type Multiplisitet
localId Local identificator, unique within it's namespace - no other objects share the same identificator. CharacterString 1..1
namespace Namespace uniquely identifying the data source of the object. CharacterString 1..1
versionId Identification of a certain version of a geographically referenced object. Maximum length is 25 characters. This is in line with ISO 8601. Example: 2007-02-12T12:12:12+05:30. CharacterString 1..1
Navn Type Lengde Multiplisitet
LOCAL_ID CharacterString 100 1..1
NAMESPACE CharacterString 100 1..1
VERSION_ID CharacterString 100 1..1
Name Type English Description
localId CharacterString localId
namespace CharacterString namespace
versionId CharacterString versionId

Vis Identification i NVDB Datakatalog

Id Navn Type Multiplisitet
CharacterString 1 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1
CharacterString 1 ..1