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Beskrivelse: Includes anchorageAreas and anchoragePoints for vessels. Application: Important information for pilots and navigators for safe navigation and maritime operation. Important information in accordance with the Norwegian Planning and Building Act (plan og byggningsloven).



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Ankringsområde objekttype

Ankringsområder i sjøkart og produkter for navigasjon (se S-4/S57)

AnchoragePoint objekttype

Anchorage points in sea chart and products for Navigation

Anchorage objekttype

An anchorage is a location at sea where ships can lower anchors. Anchorages are where anchors are lowered and utilized, whereas moorings usually are tethering to buoys or something similar. The locations usually have conditions for safe anchorage in protection from weather conditions, and other hazards. The purpose of resting a ship at sea securely can be for waiting to enter ports, as well as taking on cargo or passengers where insufficient port facilities exist. Area limits indicate where cables and fish farm anchorages and other installations / other use should not be accepted in conflict with , and is used in NCA's work on plan and integrated coastal zone

Designator kodeliste

designator of an anchorage point